zondag 26 juni 2011

An old poem I discovered in my diary.

Sweet Mountain ash.
How could it be, you took me out of my precious garden?
How is it possible you pull me away from the place where I belong?

Only to decorate your heaven on earth?

Only to admire my bony frail body against the light?

Only to catch the emotion of the never ending movement of my leafs?

Or maybe to be your friend to whom you can confide your secrets?

It seems attractive to be your friend,

To share your soul anxiety …

Because my trunk was made to be strong,

To keep a man relying on me …

To give a little bit of quietness in your spirit …

I’m the mountain ash protecting you for enchantment.

In Sanskrit I’ m “Runa” what is the same like magician!

So let me be your magician …

Let me protect you from each threat to loose your serenity,

To prevent you from each escape from your aim!

But please open sometimes the window of your heart
And let blow the fresh air in my leafs,

Like a wind is blowing so softly in the woman’s’ hair …

Only the gentle touch on my skin makes me strong enough

To hold on, to love, to share, to live the life of my destination.

Give me some fresh water to swallow the female current flood

To survive in your pitch-dark place …

I offer my fire red fruits for you,

I will miss them,

The bays keeping a small pentagram star on the top

The ultimate protection symbol …

The only way to replace them is a warm embrace for you!

And if you could make me have my red seeds …

Be sure that you have in you the power of Adonis,

Loving desperate more a woman than he loved Venus.

I will be with you even when there is Lachrymose.

Is it sorrow, distress or weakness …

Or unfulfilled desires?

I will keep you straight and strong in your aim of life!
11/06/01 - Lydia

woensdag 23 maart 2011

Dagdromen in daghospitaal...

Wachtend op de behandeling, zachtjes wegdommelend in de luie zetel, vult mijn hoofd zich met een groot wit licht. Het is iets dat ik wel vaker meemaak en als aangenaam ervaar.
Het is alsof mijn geest een uitweg zoekt uit het enge hoofd.
Plots bedenk ik hoe het zou zijn mocht de geest kunnen ontsnappen ... en kreeg het volgende beeld.Ik zit in een hemelsbrede weide omzoomd met bossen, meren, doorregen met paadjes. Veel blauw, groen en geel kleuren het tafereel.
Rustig zittend, verander ikzelf in een sterke plant, zoiets als mijn rabarber in de Bajaudière: de benen en de armen stevige stengels, het lichaam de omhullende gulle bladeren, het hoofd de sierlijke witte bloem met duizenden parels. De bloem, druk bezocht door bijen en vlinders, opent voorzichtig haar parels.Op dat moment verschijnt de geest als een kristallen bloem met ontelbare facetten als een boeket van licht. De lichtbloem is echter niet bevrijd, ze blijft verbonden met een lange, lange groene streng, de "middenaardestreng".
Al vlug verschijnt een andere bloem, die zich tracht te bevrijden, een gouden hart. Ik vermoed dat dit het symbool is van de Ziel.
Samen gaan ze hoger en hoger, vrijer en vrijer, geen dualiteit, hun eigenheid behoudend , genietend ....

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Magic the cells and Universal Unconditional Love!

"Magic and healing angel" - Mandala, pencil, black and white.

"Unity cell family" - Mandala, pencil, black and white.

Connect your heart to the Universal Unconditional Love!

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Doos van Pandora, doos van de hoop!

(John William Waterhouse)
Collage voor mijn zus - Collage for my sister - Collage pour ma soeur!

Een moeilijke dag?
Er blijft immer en altijd "de hoop", die ons helpt verder te gaan!

donderdag 17 maart 2011

Prayers from the heart just for now!

Listen to the silence, my dearest heart!(The heart above my tree's)
Be quiet and enjoy the wideness of the universe,
because you are the Universe, bright and colorful!
You are not, just a part of Universe,
it would make you small, lonely and separated.
You are the Universe!(Angel Wings in my pond)
Feel every day the magic of change,
Allow it in your life and smile to every sparkle of light,
because it are your light clusters.
Keep this smile on your face because
it is the lighthouse for the others
to be able to see the miracle!
Pray every morning and pray every evening
with thankful thoughts,
grateful for what you got.
It is the nicest gift you can offer yourself
to enjoy a second time, with gratitude,
the most precious moments of the day!
Pray and make contact with your cells,
the ones in harmony
and the ones in distress.
They all need your LOVE and attention
to fulfill their mission.
They need your kind guidance
to keep the path of strength, pride and Godspeed!
Our cells are the mirrors of your Inner Self,
loving, crying, smiling ....
They behave, feel and live just like human beings.
Pray to the Angels of Light
to unite and integrate the extremes
to make you strong and happy.
They came already on your way
and you neglected them or didn’t recognize them.
They are everywhere with their messages and signals
but Silence was sometimes too far away!
What a pity!
Keep Silence like a high priority!
(Mandala on wood "Keep strong" 06/2009 - Now I understand the message!)
I wish you a pleasant journey,
discovering beauty, peace, harmony, strength, happiness




zondag 30 januari 2011

Mandala & art

I found this ones for you, on one of my fairy flies!

Angelo Gemmi

Fra Angelico

Gabriel Ferrier

Art Nouveau

Escher Limit circles

Sir Edward-Coley Burne-Jones

Circleson Circles

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Figaro in Belgium

Like before! I have several homes and I enjoy!