donderdag 17 maart 2011

Prayers from the heart just for now!

Listen to the silence, my dearest heart!(The heart above my tree's)
Be quiet and enjoy the wideness of the universe,
because you are the Universe, bright and colorful!
You are not, just a part of Universe,
it would make you small, lonely and separated.
You are the Universe!(Angel Wings in my pond)
Feel every day the magic of change,
Allow it in your life and smile to every sparkle of light,
because it are your light clusters.
Keep this smile on your face because
it is the lighthouse for the others
to be able to see the miracle!
Pray every morning and pray every evening
with thankful thoughts,
grateful for what you got.
It is the nicest gift you can offer yourself
to enjoy a second time, with gratitude,
the most precious moments of the day!
Pray and make contact with your cells,
the ones in harmony
and the ones in distress.
They all need your LOVE and attention
to fulfill their mission.
They need your kind guidance
to keep the path of strength, pride and Godspeed!
Our cells are the mirrors of your Inner Self,
loving, crying, smiling ....
They behave, feel and live just like human beings.
Pray to the Angels of Light
to unite and integrate the extremes
to make you strong and happy.
They came already on your way
and you neglected them or didn’t recognize them.
They are everywhere with their messages and signals
but Silence was sometimes too far away!
What a pity!
Keep Silence like a high priority!
(Mandala on wood "Keep strong" 06/2009 - Now I understand the message!)
I wish you a pleasant journey,
discovering beauty, peace, harmony, strength, happiness




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